The tutu may be decorated by attaching an ornamented overlay to the bodice and a plate to the skirt.  The ornamentation may be as a simple as a velvet ribbon band or lace ruffle, or an elaborate combination of hand-beaded lace, silk flowers, Swarovski crystals, or anything in between.  The cost of these items vary according to the amount and quality of materials used.
Overlays and Plates
Decorative bun wraps or French twist ornaments can be made to complement any tutu.  They may be decorated with lace, silk flowers, ribbons and jewels and attached with hairpins or comb.
Beautiful hand-wired tiaras made with Swarovski crystals provide optimal sparkle and flash.   Prices vary with the complexity of the design and quantity of crystals used to create a tiara to your specification.
Arm ruffles or puffs of chiffon or tulle can be added to the tutu to enhance a role.