Please print and use the Tutu Measurement Form or Men's Measurement Form to record the measurements needed to order a properly fitting costume.  Measure and double-check carefully.  It is preferred that an experienced dressmaker does the measuring.  It is NOT advisable for the dancer to measure him/herself.  We cannot be responsible for incorrect measurements.

Begin by attaching a string or elastic around the waist to use as a reference for other measurements.  Pull the measuring tape snug, but not tight.  Record all measurements in inches. 

To determine a Standard size, match the dancer's measurements to those given on the Standard Size Chart.  Select the size matching the dancer's LARGEST measurement.

For an additional fee of $30 a custom bodice, skirt or tunic can be made to fit the dancer's exact measurements.  Please mail the completed measurement form to Tutu4U, or attach to an email.